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5 Museums to Visit in Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is famous for the vibrant Singapore nightlife experience, with its stunning restaurants along the river. There are also tons of daylight activities to enjoy in Clarke Quay, including visiting art galleries and museums. Try this list for your museum-hopping adventure.

1. Parkview Museum

This place is free to all museum-goers and holds the title of being one of the most unique museums in Singapore. Parkview Museum classifies as an art museum and is known for displaying eccentric, strange and disturbing works of art that are not for the faint-hearted.

2. Peranakan Museum

The Peranakan Museum is an homage to the three cultures making up the South Asian Peranakan hybrid: Malay, Indian and Chinese. The museum boasts by far the largest collection of objects and artifacts defining the heritage of this hybrid culture. It was originally built by Chinese traders in 1931, and now has three stories that house different artifacts such as furniture, textile and jewelry that were used for different rituals and ceremonies (e.g. the Peranakan 12-day wedding). The museum tour is available in four languages (English, French, Japanese and Mandarin), and, if you’re visiting with a large group consisting of 20 or more people, you can book a private tour. Tickets cost INR 500 to 1300 INR.

3. National Museum of Singapore

Of course, no museum-hopping activity should be complete without a visit to the National Museum. This is the place to experience the visual and material history of Singapore, from wars to architecture and everything in between. It also offers a fun, interactive experience by having art performances, movie screenings, live galleries, and video montages. Guided tours and interactive exhibits are also available.

4. Changi Museum

Changi Museum is specially curated to display Singapore as it was during the Second World War. It features paintings, murals, and artifacts that remain from the various stages and stories of the war as experienced by Singapore. The museum also honors the martyrs during the Changi era for their sacrifices and accomplishments. There is also a library, a cafe, and a souvenir shop to visit as you end your tour.

5. The Asian Civilizations Museum

Along with the Peranakan Museum and the National Museum, the Asian Civilizations Museum is part of the four major museums of Singapore. It features a larger scope of the subject, featuring ethnological materials used by Malay societies, as well as different Southeast Asian cultures. These are mostly tools for various purposes, utensils, weapons, craft and livelihood, and traditional costumes that bear similarities across the region.

Clarke Quay offers an addictive experience of diversity in Singapore. The extensive list of choices when it comes to fusion and traditional food places, temples, art galleries, and museums can be overwhelming, but rest assured this simple list can get you started.

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