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Cafe Hopping in Farrer Park: 5 Cafes to Try First

Farrer Park is a rising popular food spot in Little India, Singapore. While it’s more popular for its attractions like the Mustafa Shopping Centre, Farrer Park also has a lot to offer for your perfect hipster brunch hangout hunt. Here are five must-see cafes to get you started.

1. Ice Box Cafe

This particular cafe is making a name for itself in Singapore, and rightfully so: it is the first cafe ever to serve the friendlier alternative to a popular Korean dessert: the halal bingsu. Ice Box Cafe stocks the usual classic and popular bingsu flavors (such as the Avocado Bingsu with real avocado chunks for $15.90) but features exciting experimental flavors as well. Any visitor ought to try their Durian Bingsu ($15.90) at least once. The place itself is decorated with an interesting blend of bright and funky colors.

2. Cafe Salivation

This one is heaven-sent to those with a more complicated diet: Cafe Salvation’s menu was curated with vegetarians especially in mind. Who says vegetarians can’t enjoy pizzas, Mexican food and acai bowls like everyone else? The extensive menu features vegetarian twists on various popular foods. Cakes and other desserts are also served sans the eggs. A must-try is their lasagna, made with soya mince and spinach ($15).

3. Wednesdays Food Company

Wednesdays Food Company is found in a quieter area along Jalan Besar inside a shophouse, which makes it perfect for more intimate meet-ups. The quaint arrangement of the place also makes it a delightful event space for small, private gatherings. This Muslim-run cafe serves hearty Western food with generous portions, and not at all overpriced.

4. Hungry Heroes

Like Ice Box Cafe, Hungry Heroes is also the first of its kind to have a superhero theme. This place is perfect for comic-readers and movie-watchers alike, decorated with numerous figurines, as well as original and licensed superhero memorabilia from popular franchises by Marvel Entertainment and other companies. Customers can enjoy and take pictures with movie posters, head busts, and life-sized statues. Their mouthwatering menu follows the whole theme and is therefore mainly American grub: hearty meats and tender cuts.

5. Non Entree Desserts

This chic dessert shop can be spotted from a mile away from its bright yellow door. Non Entree Desserts’ popularity can be traced to the innovative and creative twists they put on the variety of their desserts. You might be familiar with the famous yellow Rubber Ducky dessert ($12.90) that’s been going around social media for a while, but I bet you didn’t know it was originally from this cafe in Farrer Park, Singapore!

Has this list piqued your curiosity yet to what other food gimmicks Farrer Park can offer? These five cafes alone should be enough for you to get a sense of the vibrant diversity and fusions of cuisine and culture in Singapore. Always make sure to try out their bestsellers first!

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